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Indie Comic Review: City Of Demons #1

One of the hardest things to do in comics is pacing. Comics are often organized into arcs that take multiple issues to pull off. Because of this, each issue needs to be fulfilling in and of itself as well as part of the larger story. And not all comics are the same length. Some are on the low end of twenty pages while others can get it into the thirty page rate. City of Demons checks off a lot of awesome boxes and makes for a great start to what is sure to be a compelling noir story. If anything, the first issue’s main flaw is that there simply wasn't more of the story, and it feels like the series’ pacing suffers because of it. 


The story starts during World War I as Private Short is involved in a very traumatic battle. After the war, Private Short becomes Detective Short in Los Angeles, where a racist system forces him to have a low place on the totem pole. However, he's thrust into action when a violent car chase leads to his partner getting shot. 


City of Demons succeeds on multiple levels. It's got plenty of action, noir suspense, and great production value. Detective Short is being set up as a compelling character that will drive the narrative forward as things begin to unravel. Unfortunately, nothing has unraveled yet. No context has been given for what he's getting himself involved in or how his character will have to deal with the trauma of war. There are just too many unanswered questions and even fewer questions that have yet to be asked. A few more pages and details could have gone a long way to hook readers. But still, the issue is well done and sets the stage for a worthwhile series.

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