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Jack & the NAV Unit

As a mechanic aboard the galactic courier ship the Beanstalk, Jack has a hard time letting go of robots. Even the broken ones. So when a P1-Nocchio model won't stop thinking it's a real person, Jack is forced to sell it at a space station bazaar. He doesn't, though. Jack trades it instead for a mysterious navigation unit with star charts to deep, unknown space. Jack hopes the NAV unit will bring him opportunity, but the crew of the Beanstalk find trouble of gigantic proportions.

Jack & the NAV Unit is now available from Scout Comics.



Previously in Grimm Space, P1-Nocchio was a robot traded away because of a faulty sentience module, always believing himself to be a real boy. Luckily, he wound up on a merchant ship run by a lonely man named Petto. The two of them got along great, and Petto was beginning to think of P1-Nocchio like a son. But the robot believed Petto would never think of him as family unless he became a real boy, so that's exactly what P1-Nocchio plans to do.

P1-Nocchio is now available from Scout Comics.

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The Golden Flying Thingie


Previously in Grimm Space, the crew of the Beanstalk traveled to uncharted space, where they stole a large golden egg from an alien ship. The crew celebrated the unexpected score over a meal when the egg began to crack. A golden creature hatches from the egg and attacks the Beanstalk crew in a panic, causing the ship to crash on a backwater planet. Now stranded, the crew makes a deal with a local king to track down the creature so that they can repair their ship and continue on their way.

The Golden Flying Thingie is now on Kickstarter.

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Spaceship Willie


The Disney classic "Steamboat Willie" gets a sci-fi spin as Mickey mouse enters the world of Grimm Space!

Spaceship Willie is now available in Free Reads.

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