The Macabre Motel

Steve is so anxious about meeting his girlfriend's family that he's driving straight through the night. He needs a break. Some place quiet to rest his eyes for awhile. Unfortunately, the only motel around is already occupied by some peculiar guests. A bizarre cast of characters that leaves Steve questioning his sanity and terrifying his nervous sensibility to its core. Welcome to The Macabre Motel. Where a vacant room doesn't mean you won't have company.

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The Polar Paradox


Antarctica. One of the last frontiers in the world. And that's just above the surface. Deep below the ocean ice is an unexplored alien world unlike anywhere else on the planet. It's a place so incredible no scientist could resist...until a research team goes missing and a trio of elite divers are sent in to rescue them. Their mission is dangerous. Down right impossible. And will uncover a mystery that could unravel the Earth as we know it. 

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The Last Homicide

On the eve of his retirement, Detective Wilmer catches a case he never hoped to see: the murder of a mob boss' son. In a city founded on corruption, the police have little authority to stop the crime plaguing their streets, but this one murder has the potential to tip escalating gang tensions into all out war. Before he hangs up his badge for good, Wilmer and his partner Gomez have one last homicide to solve, otherwise there won't be much of a city for him to retire from.

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Pipe Creepers

As plumbers, Phil and Howie don't get much say in the houses they're sent to. Even the creepy ones. So they're understandably hesitant when grumpy, old Ms. Ward sends them into the basement of her decrepit, old mansion. They're just looking to fix her plumbing problem and get out of there. Instead, the two plumbers find themselves struggling to survive a dark secret of monstorous proportions.



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Imagine waking up in a barren metropolis. No people. No animals. Just you and the city. Deserted. Isolated. Alone. But you're not alone are you? Something is there, lurking in the shadows. You can see it on the street corner. Watching. Following. Stalking. You try to escape but it chases you, devouring the city in its wake. You have no choice. You have to press on and outrun this figure of despair before it's too late...before it makes you just as empty as the world you've found yourself in.

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Bound For Hell

Broken down in the middle of nowhere? Just be wary of who's offering you a ride. Some cars just don't play well with others. Frank's shorts ROAD TO RUIN and the cannibal crazed tale AN ANCIENT BREED appear in the first issue of this horror anthology series.

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In a world where everyone wears a mask, one man feels just as empty on the inside as the blank expressions all around him. He's lost at work and alone in a crowd. Something has to change, and he must decide if the face underneath the mask is worth showing at all.

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