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The Macabre Motel

Steve is so anxious about meeting his girlfriend's family that he's driving straight through the night. He needs a break. Some place quiet to rest his eyes for awhile. Unfortunately, the only motel around is already occupied by some peculiar guests. A bizarre cast of characters that leaves Steve questioning his sanity and terrifying his nervous sensibility to its core. Welcome to The Macabre Motel. Where a vacant room doesn't mean you won't have company.

The Truce


After the collapse of civilization, society breaks down into two warring factions. The Centralists demand control while the Nationalists fight for freedom. But both sides are under attack from the Remorades,  a violent tribe of warriors determined to protect their land. Will these rival armies face extinction? Or can they form a truce to fight off the threat together?

The Truce is now available in the store.

malady cover-01.jpg

The demons inside all of us take many forms. For Bill, it's his alcoholism. Every drink morphs him closer and closer to the monster his family fears. Will he be able to kick the habit destroying his life? Or is it already too late?

Malady is now available in the store.

cabin marcos cover-01.jpg
Cabin 818

Hoping to get some work done, comic writer Frank Martin books a night in a secluded cabin away from his family. But things don't exactly go according to plan. He's constantly bombarded with strange interruptions and bizarre visits that keep him from writing. So strange, in fact, that Frank begins to wonder if he's going insane...or if it's the cabin itself that's out to get him.

sex 00.jpeg
Sex Night

Married life can be hectic. Work. Kids. Pets. Sometimes it's hard for a couple to find time for themselves. But those moments of intimacy are still important. They may not come often, but when they's SEX NIGHT! Unfortunately for Hank and Tara, things don't always go as planned. Rekindling the erotic passions of their youth can feel more like fiasco than fiesta.  Will the couple have a happy ending? Or will their problematic love-making session fall short of its climax?

nightmare 0.jpg
Where The Nightmares Are


Maxine loves watching horror movies with her dad so much that it makes her mad when he says tonight's viewing is "too scary." 😤 She retreats to her room, which gets swallowed up into a bizarre world of creatures and monsters. At first, Max loves this strange place where the nightmares are, but are these fiends friendly? Or do they have a more menacing plan in mind?

phenom cover standard.jpeg
Our Hero, Phenom!


Phenom is the Earth's only superhero, beloved by all. But our world isn't the only one he protects. Phenom is a shapeshifter who travels the stars, disguising his identity to trick the population of every planet he visits into believing he is one of them. Until one day when Phenom wasn't around to save a world under his protection. Now the so-called "hero" must reckon with the truth: is he a noble protector? Or a fraud desperate for adulation? 

art of life standard cover.jpeg
The Art of Life

In 18th Century Portugal, Jeremias was an aspiring painter until the death of his wife spiraled him into a depression of drugs and alcohol. That all changed the day a wealthy, enigmatic patron from Asia arrived on his doorstep. Together, the two embark on a journey in search of a mythical pigment to use on the patron's portrait. But was Jeremias merely hired to do a job...or does the patron have something more devious in mind?

empty chris cover.jpg

Imagine waking up in a barren metropolis. No people. No animals. Just you and the city. Deserted. Isolated. Alone. But you're not alone are you? Something is there, lurking in the shadows. You can see it on the street corner. Watching. Following. Stalking. You try to escape but it chases you, devouring the city in its wake. You have no choice. You have to press on and outrun this figure of despair before it's too late...before it makes you just as empty as the world you've found yourself in.


In a world where everyone wears a mask, one man feels just as empty on the inside as the blank expressions all around him. He's lost at work and alone in a crowd. Something has to change, and he must decide if the face underneath the mask is worth showing at all.

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