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Modern Testament is available now on Amazon
or click here to read Modern Testament shorts for free.

Modern Testament - Volume 1

An angel, a demon, and a Horseman of the Apocalypse: these beings, although ancient and iconic, struggle to be understood and find their place in today’s society. Humanity has changed since their creation, and they along with it. But together we’ll chronicle them on their journey through tales of self-worth and purpose. They’re stories of discovery we’re currently writing everyday in our very own Modern Testament.

Modern Testament - Volume 2

How would a bullied youngster unwittingly summon a golem? Is it a good idea for hunters to voluntarily seek out the legendary Behemoth? And what happens when the Horseman of War confronts a veteran on vacation? Modern Testament continues to answer such questions with three all new standalone tales of biblical beings trying to find their place in our modern world.

Modern Testament - Volume 3

Say hello to the the weird and the obscure. Two djinn battle over a boy's conscience. A nephilim comes to terms with his absent angel father. Pestilence proves no man can escape illness. Modern Testament volume 3 takes a turn for the strange with three all new tales of biblical beings in our modern world.

Modern Testament - Volume 4

BRING OUT THE BIG GUNS! That's the theme behind the fourth and final volume of Modern Testament. God, the Devil, and the Horseman of Death all take center stage in tales of their very own. God takes on science, the Devil strikes a deal, and Death gets in...shape? See these celestial juggernauts like they've never been seen before.

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Modern Testament: The Complete Collection​

Here it is. The trade paperback containing volumes 1-4, two FCBD stories, and an exclusive short featuring the Antichrist. This book comes in at 160 pages including a pinup/cover gallery.


Available now on the Amazon.

Hollow Testament

In a crossover with Luke Cooper's supernatural noir series, Hollow Testament features three all new black and white shorts as the vengeful medium Hollow Girl encounters Joan the Divine, Death, and Cain.


Now available in the store.

Modern Godhood

Once stripped of his immortality and banished to earth, the Roman God Jupiter ventured on a quest to reclaim his GODHOOD. Now, with his powers restored, he listens for prayers of mortals in need, helping wherever he can. It's a dangerous MODERN world filled with many supernatural threats. Someone has to protect humanity and Lord Jupiter is more than up to the challenge...


Now available in the store.

Testament of Faith

Faith Fallon arrives in Hollywood hoping to experience the fame and glamour of being a movie star, but she fails to impress in her auditions. Discouraged and downtrodden, Faith takes her violent frustration out on a homeless vagrant she believes to be stalking her. In reality, he's an immortal wanderer that's able to teach Faith a lesson in humility.


Now available on Comixology.

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