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The Sandman

There were many parts of Clara’s life that she wished she could change but couldn’t. So the Sandman did it for her. Only it was a lie. None of it was real. And now she must choose to escape her prison of dreams or give up on reality forever.

Genre: Paranormal, Suspense

friend window cover.png
Friend at the Window

A dog is a boy's best friend. Always watching. Always vigilant. And always willing to do anything to save those they've sworn to protect.

Genre: Drama, Suspense

The Last Holiday

Far into the future, a lizard-like alien species has conquered Earth and subjugated humans into office working drones. It's a relatively peaceful long as you follow the rules. But without culture or identity, one man must decide if it's a life worth living at all.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Dystopian

Strange Fiction

A horror writer learns a terrible truth about his work. Now he must make a choice whether to embrace his sadistic prose or tarnish his legacy forever.

Genre: Thriller, Horror



​At the behest of his employer, cowboy Roger McCoy is sent across an amalgamated world to recover a priceless artifact, but the task is not an easy one, especially because of the vikings and ninjas he encounters along the way.

Genre: Action/Adventure

occasional friends cover.png
Occasional Friends
Sean's always had a crush on Amanda. Ever since they were little and their moms used to make them play together. As they grew older they also grew apart. They try to keep in touch, to say hi in the halls at school, but Sean continues to wonder if they'll just stay occasional friends forever or if they could ever be something more.
Genre: Drama, YA
The Grey In Between saga.png
The Grey In Between (Novella)


Pawns in a celestial chess match, ten human beings are given extraordinary abilities to battle it out as the avatars of good and evil. Except the godly puppet masters are soon finding out that their champions don't always like playing on the sides they've been chosen for.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Superhero


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