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Indie Comic Review: The Fantastic Fanboys Adventures #1

Comics are a very peculiar medium. They are collaborative and attractive to a younger audience. This leads to children trying to make comics of their own. A lot of comic book fans have this nostalgic experience in one fashion or another. The Fantastic Fanboys Adventures tries to tap into this sentiment and does so quite successfully. The main story isn't long by any measure, but it doesn't need to be. It accomplishes exactly what it's supposed to by delivering a nostalgic tale that's relatable and entertaining.

Fortunately, the book also includes other material to round out the experience. There are character bios, shorts featuring the characters, and even references to other books in the publishing line. The comic isn't going to blow anyone's socks off. But it's not necessarily supposed to. It has a particular job and accomplishes it. Not every story needs to be a magnum opus. Sometimes they're just supposed to pull on our heartstrings a bit while honoring this medium that we all love.

That said, the story suffers from its lettering. The book's presentation has an indie feel, which is fine. It is an indie book so it should feel as such. But even given that, the art and the overall presentation come across with a professional feel for an indie, if that makes any sense. The only thing that doesn't rise to that standard is the lettering, which still has a lot of room for improvement. But other than that minor hiccup, I would call the book of success.

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