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Snow: The Epitome of Living in the Moment

Snowfall is a very bizarre experience. It invokes a lot of emotions, which can really tell us a lot about ourselves in reflection. For instance, I love it when it snows. There's just something magical about the fragile flakes slowly falling from the sky. Seeing the layers accumulate slowly on the ground can soften even your worst moods. And I don't even have to be outside to enjoy it. Merely seeing the snow gracefully float down through the window is enough to enjoy its majestic nature.

And yet, snow sucks. The next morning involves shoveling and digging your car out in freezing weather in order to get the day started. It involves getting kids dressed up in layers of snow gear and navigating grime and dirt that has mixed with the whiteness all around. There are plow trucks and salt everywhere. Not to mention all that melted snow needs to go somewhere, resulting in damage and potentially flooded basements.

However, even knowing all that doesn't minimize my appreciation for snowfall. Being surrounded by falling snowflakes is the epitome of what it means to live in the moment. It's a beautiful facet of nature. It doesn’t involve technology or society or any part of the human experience. It's just mother nature doing what it does. And enjoying it in that one moment is all that matters, regardless of the annoying mayhem that follows in its wake.

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