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Indie Comic Review: Orphans of the Impact Winter

There's a rising trope in comic books that is still flying under the radar. It's not a new storytelling trope. It's been around for a while. But I've seen it popping up more frequently. This is the hallucination trope, where a main character experiences of hallucination to escape the seriousness of their reality. This trope can be seen in Spencer & Locke, and I even used it for an unpublished three part miniseries. Orphans of the Impact Winter also utilizes it and does so pretty successfully. The first issue introduces the characters, the world, and some emotion for a start to what has the potential to be an truly evocative story.


The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after a tragedy collapses civilization. The plot focuses on a young boy and his dog who travel this wasteland looking for food while avoiding dangers. To shield himself from the harshness of his reality, the boy imagines himself on an alien world, where he actually has conversations with his anthropomorphic canine companion. The story ends on a dark note as the boy heads back into his house from his treehouse hideout to get food, unfortunately having to walk past his parents dead at the dinner table.


The book's production is very well put together. The art and story work together to create an engaging experience. The colors, especially, work well when bouncing back and forth between the real world and the hallucination. The pacing has its pros and cons. It's a slow paced opening, which is great when viewing this issue as part of a larger narrative. But by itself, it can still leave a lot to be desired. Not much happened in terms of characterization or big plot line. It was still an emotional and absorbing experience. It just feels as if there is a much larger story to be told here, and I would hate for it not to come to fruition. Also, I think the initial opening to introduce the hallucination to the reader could have been better. But overall, it's a very nice comic book. 

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