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Indie Comic Review: The Hilarious Mishaps of Dip & Jack

It's funny how stories can fit into particular boxes. There's deep science fiction that ponders the meaning of life, and then there's just silly and goofy comedy meant to make us laugh in the dumbest ways possible. The Hilarious Mishaps of Dip & Jack obviously falls into the latter. It has a definite "Dude, Where's My Car" vibe that many readers won't find worthwhile. But there's obviously an audience for this kind of thing. The Hilarious Mishaps of Dip & Jack understands that and executes it fairly well. 


The issue I read was aptly titled Tacos N Porn, as that was essentially what it was all about. Dip and Jack grab some tacos and hang out while watching porn together. Unfortunately, one of their moms comes home early and catches them. News of the unfortunate incident spreads, and the friends face some serious consequences, such as being barred from their favorite taco spot. Luckily, their super cool girlfriends are understanding and get tacos for them, but not before getting a couple verbal jabs in to make fun of them.


I can't help but think of my 11-year-old son while reading this as this type of comedy is right up his alley. The story definitely works best with fewer panels on every page and as little dialogue as possible. The plot needs to move swiftly so that the reader doesn't have time to think about how stupid it all is. As simple as they are, the punchlines come quick and succinct, making for a fun and immature read. The art is fairly rough, but it serves its purpose and actually accompanies the comic strip vibe well. There were some lettering spots that could have used a bit of retooling. Also, since the curt dialogue works better, there are a couple points that could have been edited down. But overall, Dip And Jack checks all of the boxes it's supposed to, so its intended audience would definitely enjoy the read.

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