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Indie Comic Review: Chlobot In the City #1

The danger of making wacky comics is that you run the risk of thinking anything goes. This is largely true in terms of plot and character, but stories need to have some sort of narrative structure. They work best as one thing or the other. Any blending of styles needs to be done carefully and with great caution to avoid creating a mishmash of an experience. Although Chlobot In The City does have its nice moments of quirkiness, there's just too much going on to truly sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


The story begins as humans end up destroying each other and a species of ant monsters rise to create a peaceful utopia. But the humans were bubbling under the surface and return to start a war. This war is ruined when a giant robot enters the scene and unknowingly murders humans by stepping on them. The story then shifts gears as the robot meets the legendary horror god Cthulhu. The two become friends and attempt to find a place for themselves in this wacky post-apocalyptic world as other robots try to get the better of them. 


The beginning of the issue has a narrator detail the history of the setting. It moves swiftly and is fairly easy to follow. But when the robot enters the scene, things become a bit muddled. There isn't a narrator at parts, which is fine if the story wants to switch gears. But the narrator returns with a completely different voice. The story does seem to find its footing in the end as the robot and Cthulhu become friends and have a quirky relationship. But by then it was too late. A large portion of the book was spent building up a setting that was ultimately inconsequential. It also didn't help that for a large portion of the beginning it felt as if this could've been an all ages book before suddenly turning into something much more mature. It was just a confusing read. So although there are some fun parts, Chlobot still needs some tinkering. Hopefully, future issues are a bit more streamlined.

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