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Indie Comic Review: Bonecrusher #1

It's definitely interesting to see two different versions of a book, one black and white and one in color. The first issue of Bonecrusher can be two completely different experiences depending on the version you're reading. The colorized version has a sort of watercolor feel to it that leans heavily into the whimsical nature of the story. Meanwhile, the black and white is a lot starker and rough on the eyes. It gives more of a grimdark feel to its fantasy setting. That doesn't mean one is necessarily better than the other, but it does create a completely different experience that makes it hard to choose a preference.

The story itself is tough to get into. The first issue doesn't even really begin the story. It's mainly laying groundwork and fleshing out the setting. It's a typical fantasy world, so those who enjoy a high fantasy story of magic and creatures will find something to enjoy. There's not enough there to make it stand out as truly unique, but it doesn't necessarily have to be just yet. It is what it is, as evident by the plethora of back matter. It's clear that this book has been heavily researched and thought out. There are designs, layouts, script materials, and more to show just how much care was put into crafting the story.

It's hard to call the first issue by a success by itself given that not much has even happened yet. Plus, the issue’s story book style gives the impression that it's much more of a prologue than a first issue. Still, it's unique art and love of the lore should be enough to propel anybody remotely interested in the story to continue on.

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1 Comment

Grzegorz B
Grzegorz B
Oct 15, 2023

thank you for the review :) GB p.s. issue 2 available in Polish, one day in English as well :)

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