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In the fluffy-noir world of Toyburg, some toys just don't play nice... 

Dismembered teddy bears are being found in the back alleys of this sweet city. It's up to our hero, rookie detective Ruxby Bear, and his partner, Officer Hazbrow to solve the string of murders, no matter how high and far the clues take them.

Frank has stories published in all three volumes of the Torsobear series, featuring his original characters Alvin Twine and Edwin the Robot. Torsobear is created by Brett Uren and currently available from Source Point Press.
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Bound For Hell

Broken down in the middle of nowhere? Just be wary of who's offering you a ride. Some cars just don't play well with others. Frank's shorts ROAD TO RUIN and the cannibal crazed tale AN ANCIENT BREED appear in the first issue of this horror anthology series published by Hellbound Books. 

Cthulhu is Hard to Spell

Thirty-five stories about the gods and monsters of Lovecraft. There are cute stories, funny stories, scary stories, retellings of famous Lovecraft stories, and much more. Frank's story, FLYCATCHER, features the great destroyer, Yba'sokug. Now available digitally on Comixology.

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