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Hospice (digital)

Demons are real. They live inside evil men, feeding off their hate and depravity. And when they're at the end of their lives, there's no better place for these demons to be ushered into our world than Rising Suns Hospice.


For years, Charles Lester terrorized upstate New York as the gruesome Catskill Cannibal.  Now he's behind bars. Weighing in at 666 pounds, Lester has proven to be a difficult inmate to house, but the Rising Suns Hospice branch run by Annette and Remy Wilson has volunteered to take him on. Remy is a world class chef eager to test Lester's unique palate. But are the Wilsons feeding Lester out of the kindness of their heart...or do they have a more demonic plan in mind?

Hospice (digital)

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